About media architects

We supply the best technology solutions to our customers.

We are the New Media Technologists providing Professional Video, Digital Media and Education Technology Solutions to Broadcasters, Institutions of Higher Learning, Churches, Production Studios, Government Agencies, Corporations and Professional Videographers. We work with an established network of resellers and systems integrator partners to serve more customers across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Passion, purpose and values.

Our passion is to harness the power of new media technologies in the solutions we deliver to our customers.

At Media Architects, our mission is to supply our customers with solutions incorporating the latest technologies, to enable our customers to produce and deliver better quality videos, allowing them to better communicate and engage their audiences using digital media.

Our Key Values

We are a combination of great culture, values and strong beliefs.

Our natural orientation toward ourselves, others and the world where we strive for excellence for its own sake and out of our own self-interest.


Our willingness to confront the status quo, the prospects; current belief’s, attitudes and practices… with care.


Is the foundation where we express our care and take up the challenge because we have the real world skills and experience to deliver the product or service to our customers


Is the never-ending desire to step into our customer’s reality; doing that with care, challenge and competence, so we can achieve our goals while helping our customers achieve theirs


Is what people with common interests and passion want to do, so connect with us!

More about us

Spirit of Excellence

Our passion for new technology, spirit of innovation and pursuit for excellence, is what drives the team behind Media Architects. We are the leading specialists in the field of Professional Video, Digital Media and Education Technology Solutions, designing and providing cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions for Broadcasters, Production Studios, Churches, Institutions of Higher Learning, among others.


Media Architects Pte Ltd is a registered EPPU S5 (up to $1,000,000) vendor with the Singapore Government procurement system GEBIZ in the categories of: EPU/AVP/10 (Audio Visual, Photographic & Optical Products) EPU/CMP/10 (Computer Related Hardware, Software and Services) EPU/SER/34 (Service – Consultant)