Live Sports Production

The standard setup of live sports production, encompasses multiple cameras placed at strategic positions to provide various angles to cover the pitch, court, even stadium or arena, to ensure all the action is captured to keep viewers engaged. This means more equipment, manpower, hence operating costs! No wonder, only major professional sports leagues with larger budgets get the air-time!

We have a system that does just that!

Traditional Workflow Revolutionized

What about smaller leagues or amateur sports associations with the potential to broadcast their matches to their fans, but without budgets of the big boys? We have the answer – an Artificial Intelligence-based Automated Live Sports Production System from Pixellot!
Pixellot has revolutionized sports production by developing a non-manned multi-lens camera production system with AI-based (artificial intelligence) algorithms to capture the sports action and Live!

Automated Sports Production is Here!

Pixellot’s AI technology solution streamlines production workflow by deploying a single multi-lens video camera to create a stitched panoramic image of the entire playing surface. Advanced algorithms enable automated coverage of the flow of play and generation of highlights.

Pixellot systems are deployed by broadcasters, production companies, clubs, federations, universities, high schools, sports portals, and Coaching solution providers around the globe. Media Architects is proud to be the exclusive dealer of Pixellot in Singapore.

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