Cerevo LiveWedge Portable Video Switcher

Portable 4-input HDMI Live Switcher.

Cerevo LiveWedge
– 4 HDMI Inputs
– 9 Effects Channels
– Cut, Mix, Wipe, & Chroma Key
– Preview and Program HDMI Outputs
– Stream your program video Live online
– All-in-one Switcher, Recorder and Streamer
– Full remote control via iPad

Cerevo’s LiveWedge is a compact all-in-one video switcher, allowing you to process and mix up to 4 HDMI input feeds. Great for small studios or even on-location shoots, the LiveWedge comes with a customisable set of transitions, Picture-in-Picture (PinP) and Chromakey functions. This lets you to produce professional looking videos without additional hardware or software. Not only can it record your program video output in HD 720p resolution to an SD card, the LiveWedge can also broadcast it online to any popular CDN, and even to your own server.



On top of a built in LCD display with control buttons and a rotary selector, the LiveWedge can also be fully controlled from an iPad. All video and audio inputs can be mixed and processed from the free iPad app, giving you full control even when you’re physically away from the LiveWedge unit.  

Cerevo LiveWedge App


Video Input Format:






Audio Input Format:


Video Sampling:


Analogue Audio Sampling:


Output Format:





Audio Output:


Video Input Terminals:

Analogue Audio Input Terminals:

Output Terminals:

Recording Terminal:

Ethernet Terminal:

Built in WiFi:


Video Effect:


Size / Weight:

480: 59.94i, 59.94p, 576: 50i, 50p

720: 59.94p, 50p, 1080: 59.94i, 59.94p, 50i, 50p

640×480/60Hz, 800×600/60Hz

1024×768/60Hz, 1280×768/60Hz

1280×1024/60Hz, 1366×768/60Hz


Linear PCM, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 16bit, 2ch


4:4:4 (24 bit)


48kHz, 16 bit


480: 59.94p

576: 50p

720: 59.94p, 50p

1080: 59.94p, 50p


Linear PCM, 48kHz, 16 bit, 2ch HDMI embedded


4x HDMI Type A, Female

2x RCA (stereo)

1x Preview HDMI, 1x Program HDMI

1x full size SD card slot

1x RJ45




12V DC, 52W

270x155x41mm / 1.1kg

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