August 27, 2021



We participate in the Green Sports Alliance Summit because we believe in their mission “to promote healthy, sustainable communities where people live and play.” Professional sports venues are notorious energy hogs and a Nila LED installation can save energy and money from day one.

You can learn more about the Green Sports Alliance here.


We make it possible for even small community and educational institutions to afford this important upgrade from the hot and power hungry lighting fixtures of yesterday by providing our lighting systems as a service . Instead of thinking of a facility’s lighting as a long-term capital expenditure, think of it as a service that you pay for each month.

You can learn more about lighting as a service here.


The LA Galaxy will be the recipient of an Environmental Innovator of the Year award at this year’s Green Sports Alliance Summit, largely due to their forward-thinking upgrade from power hungry metal halide lights to Nila LED fixtures.

From the Green Sports Alliance press release:
The LA Galaxy soccer club illuminates its field using high-efficiency LED sports lights; about half the water to irrigate the pitch is recycled.  The team boasts an in-stadium greenhouse, chicken coop, and apiary, which produces 800 pounds of honey annually.

You can learn more about the awards here.


Even if you use your Nila lights for ENG, film, television, high-speed, mo-cap, or any of the dozens of other uses, our work in sports lighting benefits you. Much like a passenger car manufacturer creating Indy or NASCAR engines, our sports division helps us to create more robust, long-lasting designs for everyone.



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