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Professional LED Video Lighting

Good lighting is essential for producing professional looking videos. Besides illuminating the set, lighting may be used to portray depth, modeling, mood, or even feelings, to enhance viewer engagement.

To support the growing trend of professional videographers going solo on assignments, we have a range of LED Lighting Products from Lupo, iKan and Fomex featuring low power consumption, high efficiency, virtually no heat, rugged stability and extremely high Colour Rendering Index (CRI).


LED Studio Lighting

Traditional power-hungry studio lighting fixtures are rapidly being replaced by energy efficient high output LED video lights. Along with this trend, the need for bulky, power-sapping, noisy and costly dimmer packs disappears too!

By converting your old traditional studio lighting to low-heat generating, energy-efficient LED studio lighting, it lowers your carbon footprint and helps save our planet!  Did you know that the cost-savings in utility bills could pay for your entire new LED video lighting setup in just 2 years?

Professional Lighting Solutions

Media Architects offers a selection of light kits with specific features including lightweight designs, high quality light stands, carrying cases, battery power options, on-board controls, remote controls, battery life indicators and more. We carry a wide range of professional video lighting; ranging from ENG & Field, Fluorescent, On-camera to Studio Lights.

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