LiveU LU500

Portable Transmission Unit 

– Efficient H.264 encoding 
– Delivering Broadcast-level video quality (up to 12Mbps) 
– Versatile Store and Forward function (up to 10Mbps) 
– Low Transmission Delay of 1 sec, configurable up to 20sec 
– Bonds up to 13 network links, cellular, Wi-Fi and LAN 
– Lightweight, weighing about 1kg only 

The LiveU LU500 is probably the most widely used bonded cellular video uplink system in the world! Utilizing LiveU’s multi-processor encoding engine and antenna modules, the LU500 offers up to 13 network links including 6-8 internal bonded connections portable uplink device that optimizes available bandwidth to deliver broadcast-quality video. For added resiliency in challenging network conditions, the unit can be connected to an Xtender external antenna and to satellite equipment for a hybrid cellular/satellite solution. 


The LU500 can be controlled by a single operator in the field using the touch-screen interface or controlled remotely from any computer using the LiveU Central management portal. 

LU500 sample


Integrated Unit: 



HW Interfaces: 

Video Formats: 

Video Encoder: 

Audio Encoder: 

Video Transport: 

Simultaneous Bonding: 


Supported Technologies: 


Antenna Arrays: 



Multi-Profile Selection: 



Multi-Target Output: 


Power Sources: 



Local Control: 

Remote Control: 



Resiliency and Quality: 




Professional Features: 







Video/Audio integrated encoder 

Professional-grade backpack 

1080p50/60/25/30, 1080i50/60, 720p50/60/25/30, PAL, NTSC 


3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI 1.4, full A/V auto detection 

H.264 AVC high profile 



Up to 13 network links; inc. 6-8 x integrated 4G LTE / 3G cellular or WiMAX modems + internal Wi-Fi and 2 Ethernet ports 

4G LTE, HSPA+, HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS, CDMA EVDO Rev 0/A/B, Mobile WiMAX, and internal Wi-Fi 802.11 a,b,g & n support 

Benefits in video quality, resiliency, coverage, operation in areas of poor coverage, on-the-drive, and even in crowded areas. Enhanced support for all common wireless frequencies including LTE 

Live: Low latency or maximum quality modes 

Store and Forward: Three quality-levels (for optimal quality vs speed) 

FTP: Bonded file transfer 

Diverse A/V output through SDI and H.264 streams including connectivity for CDNs 

Integral battery: 4 hours 

Vehicle Lighter input: 12VDC 

AC: 100V to 240V 

Full monitoring and control using touch-screen UI 

Full web-based remote control from laptops, or Google Chrome based browsers

Video preview; per-network cellular connectivity status incl. throughput, network delay etc. 

Top video quality and resiliency through algorithms such as automatic Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR). Video encoding bit rate is set automatically; automatic Forward Error Correction (FEC) and other lost packet recovery algorithms to maximize Quality of Experience for the end-user 

Low latency for studio interviews; Store & Forward; file transfer (FTP); video and audio indicators; under one minute boot-up time; and the ability to control the unit from its touch screen, the server or from any web enabled device 

Micro SD Card Slot, Micro USB 2.0 OTG, RJ-45 Ethernet, Audio jack (in + out) 

With 3hr battery: 150mm x 225mm x 70mm / 5.9” x 8.8” x 2.7” (W x H x D) 

1.08kg (38oz) without battery, 1.68kg (59oz) with 3 hr battery 

Operating: -5C to +45C (23F to 113F) 

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