Magewell Pro Capture AIO

PCIe 2.0 All-In-One Video Capture Card

Pro Capture AIO
– SDI, DVI & D-Sub 9-pin Input Video Capture
– Supports 2K Video
– High-Fidelity Video Processing
– 10/12 Bit Colour
– RGB 4:4:4 & YCbCr 4:4:2 Sampling
– Multi-card Installation
– Windows/Mac/Linux Compatible

Designed as a versatile video capture interface for your Desktop PC, the Magewell Pro Capture AIO is a PCIe 2.0 card capable of accepting a wide variety of video signal types. It supports SDI, DVI, HDMI, Composite, Component, and S-Video input signals, up to a maximum resolution of 2048×2048 (2K video). Furthermore, output signals can also be set to 2K resolution, at frame rates up to 120 fps, and supports a wide range of formats and standards for each input type. Various video processing tools are included in the the AIO card.



Multiple Pro Capture cards may be installed per system, limited only by the number of physical PCIe slots in your system. The number of Output streams are unlimited, and settings for each stream can be independently customised and adjusted. Works with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems, supports multiple APIs for Windows and Linux, and provides Windows SDKs for ease of integration.

Pro Capture AIO 2


Input Interfaces:



Host Interface:


Analogue Audio Input:


Input Features:








Cards Per System:

Capture Streams:

Low Latency Support:


Video Capture Bandwidth:






LED Indicators:

Form Factor:


1x DVI-I (Supports HDMI/VGA/Component)

1x DB9 (Supports S-Video/Composite/Component)

1x BNC (Supports SD/HD/3G-SDI)

1x PCIe 2.0


Via DB9 input


Auto Scan of video input sources

Manual Selection of input source

Manual Selection of audio input source

Supports Resolutions up to 2048×2048


10/12-bit colour

4:4:4 RGB, 4:4:2 YCbCr, 4:2:2 YCbCr sampling


Multiple, limited to available PCIe slots

Unlimited per input channel with independent settings

64 Video Lines

Hardware based 100ns high-res clock

Approx. 400MB/s per channel for PCIe 2.0

Approx. 200MB/s per channel for PCIe 1.0


Pro Capture SDK for DirectShow

Pro Capture SDK for DirectKS


Status LEDs per channel

Standard-Profile PCIe Add-On Card

– DVI to VGA Connector

– DVI to HDMI + Component Breakout Cable

– DB9 to YC + Composite + Analogue Audio + Component

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