Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2

One-Channel SDI Video Capture Dongle

USB Capture SDI Gen2
– Pocket Sized Video Capture Dongle
– Single Channel SDI Input
– Powered by USB 3.0
– Capture 2K Video
– Plug and Play
– Windows/Mac/Linux Compatible

Small enough to fit into your pocket, the Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2 dongle enables you to feed an SDI signal into your Laptop or Desktop PC for recording or streaming. Connect professional cameras, playback decks, broadcast and surveillance devices with ease, and capture video resolutions up to 2048×1080 at 60p. If you require a different output resolution, the dongle is able to convert it to your desired resolution internally. Other functions such as deinterlacing and scaling are also performed within the USB Capture SDI itself, reducing the processing load on your PC!



This dongle uses your PC’s existing USB drivers for plug-and-play capability across Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems. Furthermore, power is supplied through the included USB cable from your computer.



Note: The Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2 will work with both USB3.0 and USB2.0 ports, but resolution and frame rate capability will be reduced on USB 2.0 due to restricted bandwidth.

USB Capture SDI Gen2_2


Input Interface:

Host Interface:

Supported Input Resolutions:


HDMI Features:



Video Capture Format:





Processing Features:



Multiple Device:



Power consumption:



1x USB 3.0 (Supports USB 2.0 & USB 3.1 Gen 1)

Up to 2048×1080


8/10/12 bit colour depth

4:4:4 & 4:2:2 Colour Sampling


Capture Resolutions up to 2048×1080

Capture Frame Rate up to 120fps

4:4:4 8-bit Sampling (YUY2 & UYVY)

4:2:2 8-bit Sampling (RGB24 & RGB32)


Cropping, Scaling, Deinterlacing, Aspect Ratio Conversion, Colour Format Conversion, Frame Rate Conversion, Image Flip & Mirror.


Supports multiple dongles on the same system

Signal Status extraction, capture configuration

Custom USB 3.0 Cable & MCX to SDI Cable

5V USB Bus Power, average 0.5A, max 2.5A

92.2 x 40.2 x 12.3mm

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