Monitors are essential for professional video production work in the field or studio, as they enable the client or director to make key decisions based on the images conveyed on these monitor screens. The accuracy of colour reproduction and matching of on-screen resolution to the source content will impact the way these decisions are made. Some professional grade monitors have dual functionality of monitoring and recording built-in.

Some other key considerations when selecting a monitor are its frame rate, input format, screen size, overall weight, loop-through outputs, availability of software tools such as peaking, histogram and waveform, battery power options and touch screen capabilities versus traditional buttons.

There is a wide variety of monitor brands and models to choose from, each with varying feature sets. Here are the few main categories of monitors available.


Field Monitors

iKan Field Monitors

On-Cam Monitors

iKan On-Cam Monitors

Rack Mount Monitors

iKan Rackmount Monitors

Studio Broadcast Monitors

iKan Broadcast Monitors

Monitor Accessories

iKan Monitor Accessories

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