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Video Content Management System

With many hours of lecture recordings being created every week, video content can accumulate very quickly. Having a video content management system (VCMS) is the best way to easily and efficiently manage video content and user access permissions for viewing and editing.

The VCMS would include administrative features to allow different roles and permissions for different user types, folder management tools for content organization and statistical data for analytics on recording and viewing.

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Lecture Recording and Webcasting

A lecture recording should contain not just the video of the lecturer speaking, but also the presentation slides or PC Screen shown in tandem. Features such as time-stamped bookmarks and notes will help students revise better and re-visit specific topics easily.

Students now have the option of attending “live” lectures webcasted using the VCMS platform, and even being able to interact with the lecturer using live text messaging. This is especially useful for remote learning or adult learning programs.

Panopto – the Leading Online Education Video Management Platform

Ideally, it should also integrate with the school’s existing Learning Management System (LMS) so that students can login to the same LMS environment using the same user ID and password (Single Sign-On or SSO) and have access to their allowed video content with the same ease of use and search functionalities available in the platform.

Panopto offers all these features and more. Panopto Singapore is represented by Media Architects. For more information, please contact us using the enquiry form below.

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