LiveU is driving the revolution of live video streaming from anywhere in the world. LiveU’s patented cellular bonding and video transport technology create consistent bandwidth and robust connections for transmission of high quality video broadcasts for TV, mobile, online and social media platforms.

LiveU continues to be the TV industry standard with their full range of end-to-end video acquisition, distribution and management solutions which include portable, lightweight mobile video uplink units and cloud-based video distribution and management portals.
Media Architects is a partner of LiveU providing high quality live streaming services for events using LiveU’s advanced technology. Contact us for more information and a quotation today!

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LiveU’s Unique Selling Proposition


LiveU provides a versatile range of products and solutions to meet your diverse needs. Explore the options we offer for every scenario and budget, covering on-the-go reporting, live sports and events coverage, and more.


LiveU's compact and portable solutions enable broadcasters and content creators to go live from virtually anywhere. With lightweight equipment and easy setup, rest assured that this innovative solution promises mobility without compromising on quality.


LiveU continues to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in live video transmission technology. For instance, the HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) encodes for improved video quality and efficiency.

Level Up Your Live Event Game With LiveU


Harness LiveU's dependable hardware such as LiveU receivers to deliver live coverage of breaking news, sports events, and special programming with unmatched reliability and quality.

Entertainment Events

LiveU's solutions can be used to cover a wide range of entertainment events, including concerts, festivals, award shows, and red carpet events, enabling entertainment professionals to engage fans and audiences in real-time.

Corporate Events

LiveU‘s cloud-based management platforms and remote control features facilitate seamless event production and distribution. It is an ideal solution for live-streaming corporate events, conferences, and meetings.

Education and E-Learning

With easy-to-use mobile apps and software solutions of LiveU, educators can engage students in real-time and enhance the learning experience. Discover its capabilities in executing remote learning initiatives in the education sector through live lectures, seminars, and virtual classrooms.

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