Matrox Video Products Group is a market leading technology provider in the realm of SD and HD digital video hardware and software for accelerated H.264 encoding, realtime editing, A/V input/output, live streaming, A/V signal conversion, capture/playout servers, channel-in-a box systems, and CGs. Matrox’s Emmy award-winning technology is behind a host of multi-screen content creation and delivery platforms used by broadcasters, telecommunications companies, cable operators, post-production facilities, videographers, and A/V professionals globally.

Matrox Video Products Group focuses on sales of hardware and software development tools to OEMs under the Matrox DSX brand; and sales of a full range of products such as I/O cards and appliances for editing and streaming, mini converters and multiviewers to end users across the world.

Media Architects is proud to be the Southeast Asia distributor for Matrox Video Products. Contact us now for a quote!
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