Panopto was founded in 2007 by technology entrepreneurs and software design veterans at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. It is now the leading online video education platform trusted by over 600 institutions worldwide. It is also used by businesses to create video presentations, record instructor-led training, onboarding new hires and staff training.

Panopto is an easy-to-use integrated online education video platform for capturing, sharing and managing learning videos using an intuitive folder-based approach combined with powerful keyword search and many other features for an enhanced learning experience. Viewing is easily done though any web browser on any PC or mobile device connected to the internet, with full privacy using login credentials and permissions to control access rights of viewers. Learning content is secure and kept proprietary to the institution’s staff and students, while allowing convenience and flexibility to the viewer. Students or staff can virtually attend lectures or events from anywhere. Contact our Panopto Experts today!
Media Architects is the exclusive distributor for Singapore; proud partner with Panopto Asia since 2014.

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