Pixellot Smart AI 360° Cameras

Pixellot is the leader of automated live sports production, enabling professional and amateur sports organizations to affordably cover and monetize their events.

Founded in 2013, Pixellot’s proprietary AI technology solution streamlines production workflow by deploying a single multi-lens video camera to create a stitched panoramic image of the entire playing surface. Advanced algorithms enable automated coverage of the flow of play and generation of highlights. A dedicated mobile app enables viewers to see multiple angles and instantly share their favourite clips on social media.

More than 4000 systems are deployed with production companies, sports portals, sports federations, leagues, clubs, venues and coaching solution providers around the world, including USA, China, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France, UK, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, and other markets.

Media Architects is proud to be the exclusive partner of Pixellot in Singapore. Contact us Now!

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