Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology allows users to aggregate the bandwidth of several 4G, 5G and fixed-internet connections to form a single bonded data-pipe for greater resilience and reliability than a single connection. It is like having a “portable” fiber broadband to provide fast internet connection for video conferencing, virtual meeting or live streaming applications.

Speedfusion leverages on Bandwidth Bonding, WAN smoothing and Forward Error Correction (FEC). Data is aggregated at the packet level to combine the speeds of multiple connections. Redundant data packets running through multiple network channels are used to fill any gaps due to packet loss. Reserve data packets, through data interpolation, to correct any errors arising from the effects of packet loss. In the event of a WAN disconnection, Hot Failover transfers the affected traffic to another connection seamlessly, minimising disruptions.

Depending on your application, SpeedFusion offers granular control of how different kinds of traffic travels within your network. Allowing you to assign priority for certain kinds of traffic whether video streams, ERP sessions, or HTTP sessions, while throttling or even blocking other types for traffic.

Whether you need to improve the network resilience at your branch office with 5G, or to set up a mobile command centre for public safety, security operations, aerial monitoring, live streaming or device connectivity, we have the right product for you!



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