Cerevo – LiveShell Pro

720p30 H.264 battery-powered HDMI/CVBS live-streamer supporting Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB cellular modem.

Model: LiveShell Pro

– 720p at 10Mbps Live Stream Capability

– Ability to Stream to User-Server with RTMP

– Composite and HDMI Camera Input

– Live AAC-LC / H.264 Encoding & Streaming

– Remotely Operable via Dashboard Web App

– Pre-Installed USB Wireless LAN Adapter

– Internal Rechargeable 3 Hour Battery

– Integrated Audio Mixer

Cerevo LiveShell Pro is a portable Composite/HDMI encoder and streamer which you can mount atop a camera by using a 1/4″ screw thread located on the base. It has a streaming capability of resolution up to 720p at 10 Mbps encoded in H.264, and audio in AAC-LC at 256 Kbps.

Direct streaming to livestream websites such as Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Ustream is among the features of the LiveShell Pro and it can also stream to your own website if the site supports RTMP URLs. You can even record the feed that you are streaming if the site which you are streaming to offers a recording option. LiveShell Pro also allows you to remotely control nearly every feature from a mobile phone or a computer thanks to its natively compatibility to the Cerevo’s Dashboard web application.

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