Cerevo – LiveShell X

1080p60 H.265 battery-powered HDMI recorder and live-streamer supporting 3 simultaneous destinations and Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB cellular modem.

Model: LiveShell X

– Delivers up to 1080p60

– H.265 & H.264 Encoding

– Wireless Audio & Video Streaming

– Wired and Wireless Network Connections

– HDMI & Analog Audio Inputs

– Able to Record to microSD Cards

– OLED Status Display

– Portable Housing

– Up to 6 Hours Rechargeable Battery

– Stream to Youtube, Etc. & RTMP Servers

Broadcast to the web without a computer by encoding with the Cerevo LiveShell X. Utilizing the effective H.265 encoding format, superb HD videos can be streamed with less bandwidth usage in comparison to the H.264 standard. Plus, with 1080p60 capability, broadcast quality video is within reach. Easily connect your video-enabled device or HDMI camera, set up the LiveShell X, and you’re good to stream.

USB ports and ethernet enables direct streaming via a wired connection, or by utilizing wireless networks with a Wi-Fi USB dongle which is separately available. Another option would be to record H.265 or H.264 video direct to a microSD card. Recording is able to be done concurrently with streaming, so you are able to have a hard copy ready to be distributed at the end of the event. Even with its dexterity, the LiveShell X is battery-powered, portable and can be mounted straight on a camera via the multiple integrated mounting points on the device.

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