iKan Above-the-Lens Universal Tablet Teleprompter

Above-the-lens universal tablet teleprompter based on 15mm rod system for 7" to 10" tablets.

Model: PT-TAB

– Supports Personal Tablets above the camera lens

– Universal Tablet Mount for different Tablet sizes

– Works with Tablets between 7 to 10 inches

– Mounts onto 15mm rigs

– Adjustable Tablet Mount Height

– Simple set-up and extremely portable

A super-lightweight teleprompter, the PT-TAB gives you the convenience of having a teleprompter anywhere you go. Its no-frills, efficient design makes setting it up a breeze, saving you time and effort while out in the field. A sturdy ABS plastic tablet mount comes with adjustable clamps and thumb screws to secure your personal tablet computer in place quickly, and the entire unit is easily mounted onto 15mm camera support rigs.

Furthermore, a feature-rich teleprompter application is available on the Apple App Store, which turns your iPad into a functional professional teleprompter display.

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