iSmart Lecture Capture Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera

1080p60 auto-tracking PTZ camera with integrated 1080p60 wide-angle static camera and individual SDI outputs.

Model: LTC-A2001N

– Dual Lens System

– Unmanned & Standalone Tracking

– IP Control Capability

– Built-In Switching Output

– Precise Lock & Track Capability

– Wide Pan and Tilt Range, 20x Zoom

– Full HD Video Output

Looking to record lectures while also capturing the movement of the lecturer without a manual camera operator? iSmart’s LTC-A2001N Auto-Tracking Camera achieves this easily with a dual lens system. A full view lens captures a wide-angle shot of the lecture hall / classroom while a pan-tilt zoom camera automatically locks onto the lecturer via face and motion detection. With a near 360° pan capability and 20x optical zoom, the LTC-A2001N is able to track moving targets across a wide area, and the powerful zoom lens allows students to clearly see what the lecturer writes on a whiteboard.

While the unit is fully capable of unmanned and standalone operation, it is also equipped with IP Control, enabling an operator on the same network to remotely access / control all camera functions and preview the image outputs from both lenses. It is truly a “Smart” solution for lecture recording!

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