LiveU LU600

1 SDI/HDMI, 1080p60, HEVC/H.265 video encoder supporting 6-8 integrated and 1 external 3G/LTE/LTE-A cellular modems, internal WiFi and 2 Ethernet ports

Model: LU600

– Highest video quality at available bit rate (up to 20Mbps)

– Fastest Store & Forward file transfers (up to 60Mbps)

– Ultra-responsive 5” LCD capacitive touchscreen

– Fast 30sec. boot-up time

– Micro SDXC support for 256GB cards

– Improved Wi-Fi performance

– High-speed bonded Internet (up to 100Mbps)

The LU600 is the latest portable transmission unit from LiveU for broadcasting global news, live events and sports. It delivers high quality video, fast file transfers, low video transmission delay and 100Mbps high-speed Internet connection. With the HEVC Pro Card option, you get the same H.264 video quality at half the bandwidth. The LU600 with HEVC Pro Card option supports live streaming of 4K/UHD, VR and 360 degree formats, and the added benefit of ‘Live & Store’, where high quality copy of the live video is saved for further production.

Each unit comes with a specially designed backpack for and convenient access to the 5” interactive display and audio, video and network interfaces.

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