LiveU Xtender

Active external antenna with 6x 4G LTE/3G modem and wireless link up to 800m

Model: Xtender

– 6 x 4G LTE/3G modems

– Ethernet interface for pairing with LiveU device

– Wireless link available: up to 800m

– Tripod-mounted or vehicle-mounted

The LiveU Xtender is a portable vehicle or tripod mounted antenna that works with the standard LiveU LU600, LU500 and LU200 systems. Supporting an additional 6 4G LTE modems, the Xtender significantly increases network reception to provide additional resiliency for live video transmission in extreme scenarios.

The LiveU Xtender also offers SNG/ENG trucks the flexibility to use cellular connectivity with existing satellite connections to create a hybrid vehicle for ultimate live video performance.

With the optional extended wireless connectivity the LiveU Xtender may be situated up to 300m away, line of sight, from the uplink unit.

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