Magewell Pro Capture DVI 4K Plus


– DVI Input Video Capture

– Supports 2K and 4K Video

– High-Fidelity Video Processing

– 10/12 Bit Colour

– Multi-card Installation

– Windows/Mac/Linux Compatible

Magewell’s Pro Capture DVI 4K card is designed as an effective solution for capturing ultra-high-resolution video inputs to your Desktop PC. Fitting into a single PCIe 2.0 slot, it accepts a single DVI signal at a maximum resolution of 4096×2160. The card also features multiple colour sampling modes, at 10/12-bits, and a top frame rate of 144 fps. Furthermore, the Pro Capture DVI 4K comes with a range of built-in video processing tools such as cropping, scaling, and format conversion etc.

Multiple Pro Capture cards may be installed per system, limited only by the number of physical PCIe slots in your system. The number of Output streams are unlimited, and settings for each stream can be independently customised and adjusted. Works with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems, supports multiple APIs for Windows and Linux, and provides Windows SDKs for ease of integration.

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