Magewell USB Capture DVI Plus

DVI (up to 2048x1080) to USB 3.0 (up to 2048x1080) with loop-through

Model: 32080

– Compact Video Capture Dongle

– Single Channel DVI Input

– Accepts HDMI, VGA and Component Signals

– Audio Line In / Line Out

– USB 3.0 Powered

– Plug-and-Play

Convenient and simple to use, Magewell’s USB Capture DVI Plus is a video capture dongle that enables you to record or stream high-definition DVI video to your laptop or desktop computer. Connect HDMI, VGA or Component video signals up to 2K resolution to the DVI-I input via the supplied breakout cable. Additional 3.5mm Analogue Audio Line In / Out jacks give you the option of using a separate audio signal, instead of the HDMI embedded audio signal. The USB Capture DVI Plus also comes with a range of basic processing tools such as cropping, scaling, format and frame rate conversion etc.

Magewell USB Capture dongles are powered via the same USB 3.0 cable that transmits captured video to your computer, thus removing the need for a bulky external power supply unit. They also utilise existing USB drivers installed on your system, thus enabling Plug-and-Play capability across Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

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