BirdDog Studio NDI

1080p SDI/HDMI, Full NDI Encoder/Decoder with Cross Converter.

Model: BDSTUM01

– NDI supported at full bitrate

– Easy Tally

– SDI-HDMI cross conversion

– Charge via Power over Ethernet or camera battery

– Compatible with all Birddog devices

– Audio Communication available

Network Device Interface (NDI)is a video streaming protocol developed byNewTekto enable NDI-compatible products to connect, transmit, and receive high quality broadcast grade videos in low latency, frame-accurate and integrating easily to a live production environment.

Birddog Studio NDI is an extremely adaptable, camera mountable NDI encoder. It allows easy connection to your NDI production system by making your video accessible anywhere on your network.

HD video sources accessible anywhere on your Gigabit network.
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