Peplink Balance 380X / 580X

- Automatic Failover

- Redundant SIM slots

- Solid Hardened Design

- Advanced Network Management and GPS Tracking

- Suitable for wide range of deployments and applications

- Connect to multiple devices simultaneously with Wi-Fi 6 (optional upgrade )

- 2 x LAN ports


Model: Balance 380X / 580X

Network Router with 4G/5G cellular backup

The Peplink Balance 380x is a router with 3 WAN connections for a combined 1 Gbps throughput; a suite of advanced enterprise-class features, including Speedfusion bonding, optional cellular LTE/ 5G backup, making it ideal for most demanding business environments.

When used with other Peplink Multi-Cellular Network Router products, the Balance 380x combines the bandwidth of the multiple cellular connections with SpeedFusion to create an unbreakable connection. In addition, you can create an SD/WAN-enabled network with the Load Balancing feature to deliver super-fast network connection for VoIP or Video Streaming.

SpeedFusion networking bonding

The Balance 380X bonds affordable DSL, cable, cellular, and other WAN links into a single secure and fast VPN tunnel using SpeedFusion technology. Should there be any disruption to any of the connections, the system automatically switches between connections.

Packet-level failover across WANs within VPN tunnels is instant and seamless, so there's no interruption to your Voice Calls and RDP sessions.

Unbreakable Connection

With the optional cellular LTE/5G backup, the Balance 380x will automatically switch-over to cellular connection using LTE or 5G to resume connectivity.

Connect any combination of DSL, cable, 4G LTE, and 3G links – up to 13 of them, from any ISP for any time, anywhere connectivity. Whatever mix of connections you choose, the Balance 380x intelligently distributes the traffic using all connected links available on the network. You can also customize traffic flow and service availability with outbound policies and inbound load balancing settings, so you’re always in control.

Easy Remote Management

Configuration Settings of any Balance 380x may be assessed and changed remotely by assessing the Web Admin. To make it even more convenient, not to mention time, configuration profiles may be 'pushed' to multiple devices, including setting up group-wide firmware updates!

With the FlexModule Mini, you have the added convenience of Managing, even Trouble Shooting your devices remotely even when Out-of-Band!

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