PTZOptics USB Broadcast and Conference PTZ Camera PT12X-USB-WH-G2 | PT12X-USB-GY-G2

1080p60 professional PTZ camera with 12X optical zoom, USB, HDMI, IP, and CVBS outputs.

Model: PT12X-USB-WH-G2, PT12X-USB-GY-G2

– 3 Video outputs concurrently

– Plug-and-Play USB connectivity

– Broad Field of View

– Free Source Camera Control

– IOS Camera Application

– Compatible with all online video conferencing software

– 3 Year Warranty

The PTZOptics USB Camera has the same electronics, optics and as the broadcast-level SDI Professional USB Remote Camera to bring your Video Conferencing to the next level.

live streaming and live video productions, the PTZOptics SDI Gen 2 delivers Full HD broadcast quality video and remote camera controls from anywhere, anytime. There’s also a nifty range of hardware joystick camera controllers to choose from. To top it off, it is NDI upgradable!

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