Having difficulty memorizing your speech for an important event? Looking distracted reading from pages and pages of scripts? Are these issues holding you back from delivering that star performance? We have just the solution to help you look more confident and poised on stage while you focus on communicating and engaging your audience.

Just like the teleprompter commonly used in Newsrooms and TV Studios, our special teleprompter, designed for the stage, has a special glass that displays the cues and script, invisible to the audience! This allows you, or the presenter, to maintain good eye contact with your audience, subtly referring to right cues or lines.

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You can count on us for a one-stop service. From the planning, deciding the most ideal placement of your stage prompter system, your show sequence, manpower, down to the logistics required. Our system supports international language, built-in full-featured text editor for last minute edits, and one-click mirrored text function in case you prefer to use slides instead. Our trained operator is your invisible script helper, providing you with the right lines at the right times, or if you prefer, smooth quiet scrolling.

When you engage us, we are your invisible helper on stage! If you have any special requirements, contact us now!

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