A Video Switcher (aka. Vision Mixer, Production Switcher) is an essential tool for multi-camera live video production setups. Traditional hardware-based video switchers would contain a program bus and preview bus (or A/B bus) with button selectors, a transition bar or T-Bar, and a key bus for background keying over the program, all of which form the basic mixer section. Larger or more sophisticated switchers would have a Mix/Effects (M/E) section allowing further effects and enhancements to be added to the program output.

Modern Video Switchers could be either hardware or software based, or a mixture of both. In live production setups, a hardware based control panel (aka. control surface) would generally be more intuitive for the operator instead of mouse clicking on screen to run preview/program switching. Advanced switching software would contain a wide array of keying options, including virtual sets and effects along with other features like audio mixing and live streaming capabilities.

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