A Video Switcher (aka. Vision Mixer, Production Switcher) is an essential tool for multi-camera live video production setups. Traditional hardware-based video switchers would contain a program bus and preview bus (or A/B bus) with button selectors, a transition bar or T-Bar, and a key bus for background keying over the program, all of which form the basic mixer section. Larger or more sophisticated switchers would have a Mix/Effects (M/E) section allowing further effects and enhancements to be added to the program output.

Modern Video Switchers could be either hardware or software based, or a mixture of both. In live production setups, a hardware based control panel (aka. control surface) would generally be more intuitive for the operator instead of mouse clicking on screen to run preview/program switching. Advanced switching software would contain a wide array of keying options, including virtual sets and effects along with other features like audio mixing and live streaming capabilities.

Media Architects is an authorized dealer for Newtek, Broadcast Pix, Cerevo and Panasonic video switchers, offering various models for in-studio or field use.

Benefits of Video Switchers

Seamless Transitioning

Video switchers enable smooth transitions between multiple video sources. They make it possible for professional-looking productions to seamlessly switch between cameras, presentations, graphics, and other visuals.

Multi-Camera Control

With a video switcher, you can control and switch between multiple camera feeds in real-time, providing flexibility to capture different angles, perspectives, and shots during live events, interviews, or performances.

Enhanced Creativity

Video switchers unleash the creativity of talented content creators like you! By mixing and layering various video sources, graphics, overlays, and effects in real-time, they play a part in capturing viewers' attention and imagination.


Video switchers are scalable solutions that can accommodate diverse production setups, from small-scale events to large-scale productions. Use them to scale your production as needed.



Designed with the modern creator in mind, our video switchers empower users to transform their imagination into reality with unprecedented control and precision. More than just tools, this equipment enables smooth transitions between multiple sources to dynamic effects and live editing capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main features of a video switcher?

Common features of video switchers include the ability to switch between multiple video sources, apply transitions between sources (such as cuts, fades, and wipes), mix audio from multiple sources, add graphics or overlays, and control other aspects of the video signal (such as colour correction and keying).

What are the different types of transitions available on a video switcher?

Video switchers offer a variety of transition effects, including cuts (instantaneous switches), fades (smooth transitions between sources), wipes (gradual transitions across the screen), and more advanced effects such as DVE (digital video effects) and stingers.

Can video switchers be used for live streaming?

Yes, many video switchers are equipped with features specifically designed for live streaming, such as built-in encoders, streaming presets, and compatibility with popular streaming platforms.

Can video switchers be used in conjunction with other video production equipment?

Yes, video switchers are often used in conjunction with other video production equipment such as cameras, audio mixers, graphics generators, and recording devices.

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