​Revolutionizing Live Production Streaming Workflows

LiveU stands at the forefront of bonded cellular technology, revolutionizing high-quality live video streaming for broadcasters worldwide. Central to our success is the LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™) delivery protocol, meticulously crafted to ensure minimal latency and unwavering robustness in transmitting both video and audio. Specifically tailored for the intricacies of 4G/5G cellular and traditional wireless and wired networks, LRT™ excels in seamlessly aggregating multiple IP connections for efficient video transmission over the internet.

LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™)

Engineered for bonded IP transmission, LRT™ guarantees reliable performance across even the most challenging cellular networks by simultaneously implementing a variety of resilience methods, including Packet Ordering, Dynamic Forward Error Correction, Acknowledge and Resend, and Adaptive Bitrate Encoding. With a focus on optimizing both wired and cellular networks, LRT™ prioritizes cost-effective connections, all while delivering exceptional end-to-end latency and unmatched resilience.

​LiveU EcoSystem

Streamline and simplify every aspect of live video production with LiveU's comprehensive IP-video solutions that empower content creators to achieve more with less complexity. From contribution to production and distribution, the LiveU EcoSystem offers a versatile solution tailored to diverse production needs.


For over a decade, broadcasters and producers worldwide have relied on LiveU to deliver breaking news from remote locations. Our latest models, including the flagship LiveU LU800 and LiveU LU300 field transmitters, leverage bonded IP technology to capture and transmit high-quality live video over various networks. LiveU Ingest, the latest cloud-based automatic recording and story metadata tagging solution, processes live video faster while significantly reducing production costs.


LiveU Studio is a cloud-native live video production solution that supports live switching of up to 12 sources with multiple key layers. A suite of broadcast production tools include VOD playlists, graphics builder, audio mixer, and remote guests. Collaborate with talent worldwide on a broadcast-grade vision mixer and distribute digital content to up to 30 platforms simultaneously.


Reach global audiences reliably with LiveU Matrix, a cloud-native distribution solution. Share and receive high-quality, low-latency live feeds with broadcasters and stakeholders worldwide - inside or outside your organization.

At the heart of the eco system is LiveU Central, a unified management platform providing easy preview and remote control of all your live feeds. Now it is possible to monitor, manage and control live feeds from anywhere in the world on a single, unified cloud platform.

​Ready to elevate your live productions?

Creating an adaptable hybrid cloud production has never been easier with LiveU's flexible on-premise and cloud-based solutions. Empower your team to scale seamlessly and simplify workflows for live events with the LiveU EcoSystem, designed to add quality, adaptability, and efficiency at every stage of your live productions. Join us and expand your audience reach today!


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