Professional Video Capture Cards and Dongles

Capturing HD Video from Camera to PC

Creating HD video content is now available to practically everyone, with the wide range of cameras, camcorders and mobile devices available in the market which are able to shoot and record videos in full high definition. This opens up many opportunities to use HD video content in a variety of PC-based applications, such as video conferencing, live streaming or lecture capture, where the video is transmitted directly from the camera source into a laptop or desktop PC for sharing, editing or storage.


Professional Video Capture Cards and Dongles

To capture high quality HD video directly into your laptop or desktop PC, a professional video capture card or USB capture dongle can be used. This workflow will allow high resolution video to be made available directly from the video source into a Windows PC or Mac environment without having to first download the video content into external media (such as a SD card or external USB hard drive). This is particularly useful for lecture capture scenarios where ceiling or wall-mounted pan-tilt- zoom cameras capture live lectures or lessons directly into software-based video management platforms.

Media Architects is proud to be the distributor of Magewell’s quality range of professional video capture cards and USB dongles. Whether you are dealing with broadcast production or lecture capture applications producing video content of up to 4K resolution, there can be a Magewell product suitable for your needs! Interested? Contact us now!

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