Unless you are in the business of digital media technology or have the vision for technology trends, trying to figure out what you should do for your next studio or facility is going to be time-consuming, and daunting to say the least!

We are the new media technologists, our passion is to harness the power of new technologies in the solutions we design for our customers. We have more than five decades combined experience in the broadcast, professional audio, video and digital media production. You can tap on our expertise to help you with your next project!

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Technology Is An Art We Have Mastered

Under the leadership of our founder and tech visionary Nick Tay, we have designed and worked on a wide range of projects since 2001. Projects include Acoustics, Hospital AV Systems, TV and Multimedia Studios, Recording and Mixing Studios, Live Production Systems and Interactive Display Systems. In fact, we hold the Patent for the Interactive Rear Projection Design Showcase!

Media Architects. We design cutting edge digital media studios and live production facilities of the future, within budget!

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