Bonded Cellular Network Routers

Is peak hour network congestion on your office network causing your streams to stutter or drop out? Unable to use your corporate network to livestream your event due to network security policies? Wished you had a stand-alone and dedicated high-speed internet connection for your next corporate event?

Introducing Peplink Bonded Cellular Network Solutions. Peplink SpeedFusion technology allows users to aggregate the bandwidth of several 4G, 5G, or fixed-internet connections, even different Telcos, to form a single bonded data-pipe for a fast Internet connection you can rely on. It is like having a “portable fiber broadband" connection, catering to your next Virtual or Hybrid Events.

SpeedFusion Unbreakable Connectivity

Bandwidth bonding combines data at the packet level, enabling you to combine the speed of multiple connections. WAN Smoothing sends redundant packets through multiple network channels simultaneously, instantly filling any gaps in data due to packet loss. The Forward Error Correction process utilises reserve data packets, through data interpolation, to overcome the effects of packet loss. In the event of a WAN disconnection, Hot Failover transfers the affected traffic to another connection seamlessly, minimising disruptions.

Network traffic may include video streams, ERP sessions, HTTP sessions, among others. Depending on your use case, you may want to give priority to certain kinds of network traffic by throttling or even blocking other non-essential traffic. SpeedFusion gives you total control over your network!

Mobile Connectivity for Events

While off-the-shelf 4G Wi-Fi routers are great for working remotely, it is not designed and made for the demands of corporate events. For example, the provision of internet connectivity for a large number of on-site participants, multiple concurrent video conference sessions, or the live streaming of HD videos, let alone 4K, they all need a fast and robust Internet connection beyond what a single LTE connection is capable of. Peplink is the world's leading technology company that makes industrial-grade, multi-cellular router systems designed for mission-critical connectivity.

Our customers use Peplink Speedfusion-powered solutions for Event Live Streaming, Virtual AGMs and Town-hall Meetings. Other more specialized applications include mobile command centers, outside broadcast, remote productions, temporary project sites, and radio shows.

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