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News, sports and events live production have changed forever with IP video technology and systems. LiveU’s 4G and 5G bonded cellular video transmission technology has further removed borders, enabling live content distribution across our planet!

As the Authorised Distributor and LiveU partner, Media Architects is proud to offer the latest LiveU 4G, 5G, HD and 4K HEVC solutions to enable our customers, from videographers, event organisers, show producers to broadcasters, to acquire and live stream videos reliably and in the highest quality to any viewing platform.

With LiveU Rental, you don’t need to purchase a LiveU system; commit to mobile data subscriptions. Just pick up a LiveU LU600 and start sending a live feed to anyone with a LiveU server. That’s literally any broadcaster in the world, and from anywhere!

Tell us your event location and we’ll get it there for you

Our experienced LiveU team is here to understand your needs and to recommend the best package for your needs. Just let us know when is your event engagement, where you need the unit(s), and we will get it delivered to your destination without any hassle. Our rentals can be as short as a day, one week and up to three months.

We will even package a data plan tailored just for your needs. Our support team and LiveU Professional Support will be available to you throughout your event. All you need to do is connect your camera and go Live!

LiveU Rental – Your ticket to send a live feed to anywhere in the world!

We are equipped with an inventory of LiveU LU600 units, complete with 4G data subscription, here in Singapore and across the world through our international LiveU partner network, ready to serve you at your next event. Remember, just let us know your event dates, pickup location, and we’ll arrange the rest. Your LiveU system will be waiting for you at your destination without the hassle of clearing customs and purchasing local SIM cards.

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Customer Testimonials

“Using cellular bonding has fundamentally changed the way we can approach news reporting and has considerably increased our live coverage because their technology allows us to broadcast from places we simply couldn’t before. With our foreign coverage, previously we would only have been live from our actual bureau. Now we can be out and about in the field with LiveU units getting us far closer to the story.”

Richard Pattison, Manager of News Technology at Sky News – UK

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