With the proliferation and use of videos, a new genre of production studios came about – a blend of the film sound stage, photography studio and TV studio, all-in-one. The Multimedia Production Studio was born!

These are designed and installed for the purpose of producing content at the Pro AV level… content that is good enough for the occasional broadcast use, like news and special magazine shows, in-house video channels, internet video and the production of collaterals and publications.


Such media studio setups can be stand-alone or designed to integrate with other systems or workflows. A green screen backdrop (either permanently painted wall or retractable screen) allows for chromakeying in post production. 3-point lighting for the subject and ceiling mounted flood lighting for the backdrop are also essential components.


These are mostly used by schools, including within universities, private corporations, self-improvement trainers and speakers and churches, and production studios and agencies, even radio stations, just to name a few.

Systems used in Media Production Studios tend to be of a smaller scale as compared to television. Not so much broadcast-grade but at least ProAV standards and performance.

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